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Flexibility Door Stretcher Strap


Color: Orange

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Door Split Flexibility Sports Yoga Ballet Band Dance Gymnastic Exercise Back Bend Rope Soft Tension Stretching Strap Leg Stretcher Belt
Lift hips.
Thin waist.
Beauty breasts.
Beautiful back.
Increase leg strength.

Material: Polyester cotton
Size: 3000x50x30mm/118.11x1.97x1.18in
Door buckle: 30cm/11.81in
Strap: 251cm/98.82in, 14 plaid
Leggings: 50cm/19.69in
Strap + leggings: 300cm/118.11in

1. Increase leg flexibility:
Height can be adjusted freely.
Suitable for different heights and different exercise intensity.
2. Increase leg strength:
Tough material, increased leg strength training, strong load bearing, safe to use.
3. Increase arm strength:
Helps exercise the strength of the arms and chest, deepen the body, make the exercise easier, and the effect is more remarkable.
4. Splits practice:
The height can be adjusted freely, step by step, fully open the ligaments of the legs, increasing the flexibility of the body.