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Electric Vacuum sealer


Fully automatic, lightweight vacuum sealing machine, to keep food fresh for longer .

Looking to keep food fresh for up to 7 times longer and reduce waste?

Looking for an easier to use,compact,quieter and more hygienic food sealer?

This sealer with a built in heater strip and 3D suction technology is exactly what you need! 

Pushing just one button removes air at up to 60Kpa from specially designed bags. 

Two functions on a  compact system that both removes air and seals bags quickly and efficiently. 

Safer, cleaner, quieter and quicker than any sealing machine before … what are you waiting for?

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery This means sometimes you have to wait a little longer to get your order but it's always worth it!


Product includes

- 1 x User Manual - 1 x Vacuum Sealer - 10 x Vacuum Bags 17*25cm - 1 x Vacuum bag  x Packing box